Type 1: Investment

Trust Deed Investing

A trust deed investment involves lending money to a borrower, secured by the title to a property.

The borrower signs a promissory note, promising to repay the loan according to the terms agreed upon by the lender and borrower. The borrower also signs a trust deed, which is a legal document that grants the lender a lien on the property. 

In the event of default, the lender can foreclose on the property to recoup the invested capital. Trust deed investments are typically managed by an experienced servicer, who is responsible for collecting loan payments and managing the loan on behalf of the lender.

Trust deed investing can offer the potential for higher returns compared to traditional fixed-income investments, and can provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing in “Debt” that is secured by a tangible asset.

Full Control Of Your Money And Investment

We do not touch your money, ever. It’s as simple as that.

Unlike most investments, we do not ask you to transfer any money into our accounts.

With Trust Deeds, it’s set it and forget it.

True 100% Passive Investment

Investing in rentals comes with headaches,  unless you have a property manager, but is it truly passive?

Investing in a business usually means you just bought yourself a new job, unless you have a manager, but is it truly passive?

We have done all of the above, and it’s not. With Trust Deeds, it’s set it and forget it.

Secured By An Immovable Collateral: The Property

The benefit of lending against an immovable property in a valuable zip code with 30% protective equity, is the best collateral that a lender can have.

The best part of lending with collateral is the physical collateral.

With minimal risk, Trust Deeds return 667% higher than what banks are offering for a traditional non-liquid certified deposit (CD).

Advantages Of Investing With Trust Deed

In addition to high equity and returns and low risk, here are other advantages our service offers.

High Returns You Can Count On

It is industry standard to charge 9% to 12% APR for a Trust Deed loan, aka Hard (Asset) Money loan. In turn, we pass this profit to you, the investor. 

You can earn high returns of 9% to 12% while we take care of finding, underwriting, and servicing for you.

You get to cherry-pick your favorite projects to invest in.

We’ll find and package the perfect projects dedicated to you.

High Equity Is Guaranteed

At Better Capital Fund, we only lend on properties that have a considerable amount of equity. Every loan opportunity we present to you will have a minimum of 30% equity in the property. 

As a matter of fact, we periodically get requests for loans for only 30% LTV or with 70% protective equity. This means it’s very-very safe. This conservative approach minimizes your investment’s risk.

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